French Riding Holidays in the south of France

A Horse Rider's Paradise...

Once you have arrived at Laumière for your French riding holiday, we know you’ll be keen to see the horses. So as soon as you’re settled, you can make your way to the stables to meet the team of equines who’ll be your companions for the duration of your holiday.

French riding holidaysAfter this, please join us for an aperitif before a delicious home-cooked dinner, where we can properly welcome you to Château de Laumière and you’ll know your French riding holiday in the south of France has truly begun!

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16.2hh Selle Français
"I really love my work and have nearly left for England about half a dozen times with guests who wanted to take me home but I was too big for their suitcases!"
14.3hh Arab x Merens "Hope was our very first foal to be born at Laumière and we are all soooo proud of her. She is a beautiful little horse with a wonderful character"
15hh - Merens
"I'm new to the team for 2020. I'm very sweet natured, a forward and comfortable ride."
16hh Andalucian
"I have been on the team since 2014 and am thoroughly enjoying being one of the most popular horses."
16hh Spanish
"I have been part of the team since early 2015 and I promise you a safe, comfortable ride."
16hh - Thoroughbred x Merens
"I was born at Laumière in 2014. I’ve been slowly & carefully brought on to fulfil my role as the ‘beauty queen’ of the team."
16.2hh - Thoroughbred
"I’m an addition to the competing team of Laumière. I’ve show jumped & evented but in addition to this I love to hack out with the team."
16.2hh - Normandy Cob
"I’m new to the team in 2019. After starting my career in Normandy at national level driving competitions. On a trip to Normandy Tanya met me and new that I would be a fabulous member of the team as I’m known to be exceptionally kind & gentle."
16.3hh - Lusitanian
"I joined the team in September 2015 when I took an enormous career change from jousting in medieval tournaments to showing my skills in the dressage arena. My main role now is as Tanya’s lead horse."
14.2hh - Sports Pony
"I was born at Laumière in 2014 and they love me so much that they can’t let me go. I’m starting my competitive career in 2019."
"My full name is Marley Bob and I’m the resident lawn mower. I may be little but I’m a real dude."

Horse Riding

Our French horse riding holidays are organised around a relaxed schedule which offers a completely different ride every day. You can ride in the mornings for around 3 hours and explore the vast expanse of some of the most beautiful and accessible countryside in the south of France. Most of the horse riding is on the charming Chemin Rurale (by-ways) of which the Lot region has a staggering 2000 kilometres which means virtually no cars, although the odd encounter with a French farmer and his herd of cows/sheep is not unheard of.

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The farms here are very much homesteads – rather than huge agricultural concerns - with gorgeous rambling barns and quaint French features straight out of the pages of a magazine - and this makes the countryside we ride through immensely characterful and interesting. The nature of the terrain lends itself to riding at a relaxed pace so you can experience the beautiful scenery and wild life. However, there are plenty of opportunities for trotting and cantering on your riding holiday, and the horses are familiar with the routes, so they’re happy and interested to ride out.

The ability to ride along for hours in a world of your own with no traffic, noise or people is something many riders in England can only dream about (as we did before coming to this magical place). You can follow a curve in the chemin and find yourself riding by a farmyard, or through a small hamlet, where anyone who happens to be around will take the time to smile and call out a greeting. You’ll find the local people friendly, gregarious and welcoming.

The south of France is perfect for horse ridingOn a french riding holiday such as this in the south of France, time seems to almost stand still and you’ll feel the stresses and strains of everyday life just ebb away as you and your horse absorb the environment around you. You’ll discover splendid Châteaux, grand Manor Houses, a 12th century Priory and picturesque farmland with small fields separated by pretty dry stone walls and mature woodland sloping gently upwards to open out onto scenic countryside that stretches forever to meet with clear blue skies. The only sounds being perhaps the call of a buzzard or a kite as they glide effortlessly, high above you.

The many sights, sounds and scenes are all here for you to discover and we hope we’ve given you a flavour of what you’ll experience on your horse riding holiday at Château de Laumière.

On arriving back at Laumière, there will be a cool refreshing drink waiting for you, followed by a thoroughly decent lunch which is usually taken alfresco in a shady area of the garden. After this, the rest of the day is yours to relax in the grounds, set off to explore this outstanding area of France or more riding.

Tack, Riding & Horsemanship

All riding is with English tack. All our horses are well-schooled and adaptable. Groups can consist of between 2 and 6 riders and all riders need to feel confident on a horse outdoors at all 3 paces. During your stay, please feel free to spend as much or as little time with your horse as you like - bringing in, grooming, tacking up, turning out - in general building up a relationship with him or her. If you’d like to learn more about natural horsemanship, or would like a riding lesson to brush up your skills, Tanya is always happy to arrange things to suit your needs.

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If you come as a non rider – whether you have never ridden before or just don’t feel confident enough to ride out in a group – and decide that you would perhaps like to have a go or build a bit of confidence whilst you are here, this can be arranged in the afternoons, and organised at any time during your stay with us (paid for separately at the time).

If you’re interested, Tanya can always be persuaded to show you the young stock and explain the breeding programme. And don’t miss the opportunity on your riding holiday to learn more about the stunning Merens ponies, native to the south of France, and learn more about their ancient history and heritage!